Hello world! From My Homeland to you!

I have a story to tell. I am talking about my environment, people, our cultures, tourism and you!

The greenery; a beauty to behold, rich in medicinal attributes and the primary source of food. The rocks, standing solid, overlooking the rustic corrugated sheets that house people with great talents; farmers, artisans, civil servants, entrepreneurs, traders and many more.

The walk to the stream, where we drink, wash and take some home. The rivers and the waterfall; the natural shower, which showers continuously on us with its medicinal powers for healing certain illnesses.

Our festivals hold annually, in some other places biannually, where we showcase our cultures and tell tales of our heroes past. The masquerades, the beats, the dances, the community, the dancers and oh! the food.

We are blessed with a lot and more.

I am talking about my homeland.

Come along with me.

As I take you on the journey along tourist destinations in Nigeria.


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