A Guide To Freedom Park, Osun state

Osun state promises new and exciting prospects in Nigeria. One of these reasons is the iconic park which was named after the icon Nelson Mandela. This park is easily one of the best places to have so many hangouts. From family and friends picnic to concerts, etc.

Although this beauty started small at the popular old garage in Osogbo, It is today one of the best places to be. A long mass of beauty which spans from the old garage through old Ile Epo Olaiya to the old Fakunle in Osogbo, giving the sleepy town a new look expected of a city.

Regardless of the fact that it was part of the central district, it did not enjoy the attention. However, a huge turn around has been visible at the park so that it holds so many people from different walks of life. Also, it is safe and serene so much that you can even have a night out. In fact, if you have not been to the town in a long time, you may be shocked at how this structural change has evolved the environs and metamorphosing Osogbo into a mega city.

One of the most spectacular places to be is the park at night. It has been adorned with so much light that it gives an aura of life and beauty. One can almost think they are in a fantasy. In addition, the roads are well tarred and its garden is filled with lush vegetation.  For food lovers, it has a big hall for restaurants. It is also a dome for events, as well as a water fountain which is called the Atewogbeja Water Fountain. This beautiful fountain is surrounded by seats for people to relax and enjoy the beauty of this serene environment.


On the downside, the park is still uncompleted. However, it does not alter the activities going on. Also, the noise from the busy streets does not affect the serenity and calm the park brings.

The park is used for several activities including crusades and political rallies. In the case of recreation, this beautiful park serves well. You and your loved ones can come in for picnics or whatnots. In the nearest future, once the park is completed, it is set to hold a lot more activities and interesting ventures.

Some side attraction of the park includes monument statues of respected leaders. Some of which includes Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Chief Bola Ige, Chief Bisi Akande and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu among others. It also has a monument which consists the brief history of past leaders of both the military and civilian regimes.  There are plenty of gardens and beautiful flowers that adorn the park. It is no wonder people feel at peace whenever they are at the place. It is also believed to be a love garden where you can take your lover to for an evening of romance. One of the best reasons why this park is incredible is that it is very affordable. With just a thousand naira, you get to explore the serene environment by yourself or with people.


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