Idanre Hills, Akure, Ondo state. The Magical Hill.

Idanre, how I have longed to see you. “I dan ree” meaning This is magic has been here for a long time with inhabitants before they moved downland.

Located in Ondo Akure, this is another tourist site to behold. It remains one of the wonders of nature, with the highest peak reached by six hundred and sixty-seven steps (667).  This awe-inspiring site is estimated to be over 800 years old.  Idanre hills in those ancient days offered protection against invaders. Also, the natives of the town usually worship the hills and appease it every year. In structure, the hills are steep-sided, dome-shaped and smooth in nature.

idanre hills

Parts of the hills are named after some historical figures in the land who contributed to the socio-cultural evolution of Idanre land. For example, the Olofin and Orosun hills are named after the premier king of Oke Idanre and his Olori (Queen). It is surrounded by a luscious landscape which makes it beautiful.

The Existence Of Old Human Life On The Hills

 On the hills, there is the belief that existence of human life dated as far back as the seventeenth century. This is evident in the Owa’s (king) palace courtyard which has carved figures and doors which was believed to have been built during that period. Also present as Native court building, Old primary school buildings, The Olori quarters, The mausoleums, The secretary to the King’s office building.

Other Iconic features to behold includes:

The Carter Hill

This hill was named after the former colonial governor. In 1891, he signed a peace treaty with the Oba of Idanre.

The Agbagba Hill

It is believed that this hill holds within it mysterious footprints. It became popular because of this fact which is usually referred to as Agboogun. A lot of times, tourists are allowed to put their feet into the footprints. Mysteriously, the footprints accommodate all feet put into them by contracting or expanding, depending on the size of the feet. It is believed that whosoever’s feet do not fit into the footsteps is a witch or wizard.

The Ilesun Hill

The Ilesun hill was named after a famous great warrior who had made a vow to sacrifice the first living thing that he came across after winning the war. This turned out to be his daughter who came embracing him happy that her father had returned. However, since he has made a promise, he had to fulfill it. She was buried at the base of the Ilesun hill. Children of her age always observe an annual commemoration ceremony till date.

The Ajimoba Hill

This hill was named after a dedicated King’s gateman.

The Arun River

This is a small river found on the hill. This river also has its mysteries. Usually, when you take a swim in the river, it gives a mysterious bustling and frightening experience. It is also home to some other aquatic creatures and is clear. Also, there is the evergreen presence of gods, goddesses and traditional arts.

 Ascension To The Hilltop

As expected, tourists will have to climb six hundred and sixty-seven steps to get to the hilltop. However, there are five resting posts where the tourists can rest. Another interesting fact is that Idanre hills is enlisted on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


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