My intending trip to Ilorin, Kwara State

Hello People,

I will be going on a tour to Ilorin, Kwara state next week and below are the tourist sites planned to visit.
Furthermore, I plan to spend about 4 days and guess what? the train will be my mode of transportation (First class cabin).

The train is one of the oldest means of transport and I must confess, it’s going to be my very first trip on a train ever. One of the reasons I am super excited!

I have my itinerary planned out and the places I would be visiting are below;

Day One

I will be visiting these places in no particular order;

  1. Exhibition of Tourist sites, Zoological garden
  2. Dada Pottery Workshop
  3. Local Weaving center
  4. Hide and Skin Leather workshop
  5. National Museum, Ilorin

Day Two

  1. Owu Waterfall, wow!, I must take along a swimsuit.
  2. Relaxation and cinema experience at Shoprite cinemas, Ilorin

Day Three

  1. Esre Museum, Esre
  2. Imoleboja Rock shelter
  3. Black soap industry
  4. The Ancient Palace, Odo-Owa
  5. Joseph Ayo Babalola’s Mountain

Day Four

  1. Emir of Ilorin Palace
  2. My final departure to Lagos.

Checklist of items to be packed on this trip

Going on a trip is fun, however going with the right items on a trip makes it more fun when you are on a vacation.
This is a checklist of items to hold on this trip so I won’t have to leave any behind.
Yes!, it’s so thoughtful of me.

  1. A backpack and a lightweight travel luggage bag.
  2. Yetty, Pack your underwears.
  3. Do not forget your toiletries e.g toothbrush and paste, soap, sunscreen body cream etc.
  4. Come along with few pairs of warm (summer) clothes and shoes, you are not migrating, are you?
  5. Not forgeting your flipflops (slippers), aha!
  6. Tech Assistants- my phone, camera, laptop, wifi, power bank and a selfie stick.
  7. Do a  research on the places I will be visiting.
  8. Grab some cash along with my card, I plan to tip one or more people. (tip: be nice to me).
  9. Not forgetting also my swimsuit and sunshades.
  10. Thank me later.

I am super sure this is going to be one of my best trip ever and I would be glad to showcase all of these places with you.

Come with me…


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