Top Seven tips to follow before planning a trip

Travel back in the days used to be a  luxury but advancement in technology has made travel more accessible by all. So why aren’t you taking that trip now? several considerations I know, but hey, here are few tips to guide you before planning a trip.

Seven Tips to follow before planning a trip.

  1. Motivation: What is the motive for the trip? for summer, getaways, incentive, honeymoon or visiting family and friends? Let your motivation drive your senses out of this world.
  2. Save little and more money: You need to save every possible amount for that trip and for when you are back from the trip. And that’s because you wouldn’t want to be stranded on the trip and when you are back.
  3. The Gadgets: You must acquire the necessary gadgets for that trip. Phones, Selfie stick, Camera, and GPS are essential. You need to take those memories back with you, remember?
  4. Visa Requirements: Ensure you get proper documentation before you purchase any ticket.
  5. Online Surfing: Browse on the various destinations you would be visiting, the flight(s), the train or bus station(s) and hotel(s), the people and their culture, respect is key. Make necessary reservations.
  6. Plan your itinerary and do a checklist of items to take on the trip.
  7. Payments: Make all payments before the due date.
  8. I made this 8 especially for you, Voila! You are good to go.

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