Top 2 Private Beaches In Lagos To Look Out For

Lagos is one of the fast-rising metropolia in West Africa. It is little wonder that you see some many people trooping into Lagos for a lot of activities. For one, Lagos is the third largest economy in Nigeria. For tourists who are visiting Lagos for the first time, there are so many fun places to go. However, if you’re not into the really noisy lifestyle or not keen on seeing too many people, you can try out several private beaches in Lagos. However, I have a list of the top 5 private beaches in Lagos which will work well for you.

Tarkwa Bay Beach

The Tarkwa Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful and serene private beaches in Lagos. One significant thing exists with this beach and it can serve as both a flaw and an advantage; how to get there. To get to this beach, you will have to use water transportation. While this may be a great disadvantage to some people, it is an important point of interest for others. Being totally away or secluded from the bustle of Lagos is an added advantage and others just love the idea of an adventure.

This beach is located at Lekki Epe Expressway, Victoria Island, Lagos. The major way to reach the beach is to take a ship from Falomo Bridge at Victoria Island or form the Tarzan Jetty at Maroko. Another option is taking local boats at C.M.S. The ride is usually about 15 minutes and you get to see amazing spots like the Lagos Yacht Club, Radisson Blu, the Lagos Harbour, etc.

In addition, Tarkwa Bay is a residential place and almost all the residents involved in businesses which are mostly for tourists. The beach is the right place to have fun with family and friend. You definitely will not get the scare of being taken away by water as the tides are usually low.

Other side attractions include a 110-year old Lagos harbor lighthouse which can be found 30 minutes away from the beach. Also, while taking a walk along the beach shore, you may find massive cargo ships and some smaller ones passing by. If you’re quite particular about surfing, skiing, and swimming, then this place is very right for you. There are hotels as well as rental tents and chairs accessible for tourists.

Atican Beach Lagos

The Attican beach is located at Abraham Adesanya Road, Ajah, Lagos. This beautiful private beach lies on the Atlantic coast. In fact, it is one of the best-managed beaches in the city. If you’re up for picnic and family get together as well as other functions, this beach is just perfect for you. It was privately built as a place of interest for tourists.

A fun fact is that tourists get to enjoy live music by local Bands every Friday. This is a perfect place to organize a private party for your friends and family. What is more, at this beach, you can organize a private party for family and friends. In addition, every Friday, tourists enjoy live music by local Band.  The children are also not left out as there is a playground specially designated for kids and they can also go horseback riding.

Although, there are so many other options to choose from, these for me are the top two beaches in Lagos. You’re sure to have fun when you have access to the right places. Here I am telling you what they are!

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