Tourist Sites in Kwara state.

Ilorin, Kwara State

I lo i rin, a Yoruba meaning of the ‘Metal Sharpener’, is the capital of Kwara state was founded by the Yorubas in 1450.

It became a provincial military headquarters of the ancient Oyo Kingdom and later became a Northern Nigeria protectorate when Sheik Shehu Alimi, an Islamic preacher and teacher, took control of the city.

Kwara state is a tourist destination with a good road network, efficient security, convenient accommodation facilities, delicious restaurants, and incredible tourist sites.

The sites I visited were,

  1. The Emir’s Palace, Ilorin

  2. The central mosque

  3. University of Ilorin zoological garden
  4. Owu waterfalls
  5. The local weaving center
  6. Imoleboja Rock shelter
  7. The first National Museum in Nigeria (Esie Museum)

    Owu Waterfalls, Kwara State

    Esie Museum


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